Of late, there has been a raging debate in numerous of the states concerning the revision of the minimum driving age from the present minimum of sixteen years to eighteen. While some quarters argue that the age need to be elevated as an best measure to reduce instances of underage roads accidents, other people asserts that such a measure would rob off the responsible drivers their privilege to get behind the wheel. In numerous states in the United States, the lawful minimum age at which an person can be issued with a fully privileged license is sixteen years there are proposals by the policy makers to improve the age to eighteen years. The proponents of this amendment of the driving license law have cited the want to shield the public from the recklessness of the underage drivers as nicely as the concern of the safety of the minors themselves (Rafe, 2007: Para. 5).

The individuals opposed to the amendment however argues that raising the legal age for driving would significantly infringe the right of the of the young citizen as effectively as contravenes the ever increasing demand and responsibility placed upon the teenager in the society. In addition, increasing the age to eighteen years- according to the opponents – would outcome to more constraints and difficulties in the lives of the young American citizens whose roles in the society are consistently escalating as the societies areas a lot more tasks and responsibility on this social group (Mona, 2007: Para. 8). Other individuals argued that minors in the United States had been denied a lot of items by the existing laws since they could not watch an age rated movie, could not drink alcohol and had no voting appropriate which was seemingly too restraining on the youngsters. Putting a restriction on driving on the youngsters’ life by means of increasing the driving age consequently could be as well burdening on this social group.
This argument even so is tremendously discredited by the truth that underage driving in the United States of visit here America is significantly viewed as both a threat to the common public as properly as to the minors themselves. Empirically, a quantity of reports and survey show that the accidents prevalence prices amongst the underage drivers was really high and a greet trigger of concern amongst parents and authorities. This is probably 1 of the most convincing factors why the states’ laws should denounce driving by the minors through growing the legal driving age to eighteen. In truth, proof of teenage recklessness frequently major to road accidents, deaths and injuries are allover the United States. Irrespective of how considerably such a raise in age would be unjust to the rights of the minors drive, raising the legal age for getting a driving license is justified if at all the societal responsibility in talking absolute care for the minor is something to go by. Harry, 2007 asserts that rising the age will be a matter of concern and care for the minors and the basic public security and not a worry for the comfort of the teenagers pragmatically, minors are seldom accountable and mature as effectively as incapable of making rational decisions on the road (Mona, 2007: Para. 6).

Lawmakers and responsible adults across the united states of America have expresses theirs outrage that, irrespective of all the fifty two states having instituted laws to curb drug usage, indulgence in alcohol, acquiring and selling cigarettes to minors as properly as selling difficult gun and other weapons by the underage, the law nevertheless let driving amongst the underage: a fact that they argue is equally hazardous. According to survey carried out by AAA foundation for targeted traffic security (Alex, 2006, Para 6), it was found out that amongst 1999 to 2004, a total of 30 917 fatal accidents involving drivers among the age of fifteen and seventeen years were reported a third of which involved the minor drivers themselves while the rest involved the pedestrian crashed by the underage drivers, passengers and adults in cars which the teenage drivers crashed on. For the sake of sanity in the states roads, universal laws that illegalize driving amongst the minor would go a extended way in decreasing the accident prices amongst the minors. In reality, Mona (2007) these youngsters can wait till they reach a far more responsible age to drive just like they wait to do other critical national activities like the http://duiattorneylosangeles-ca.com/services/dui-penalties/ election procedure or even indulging in leisure activities such as alcohol taking and watching age rated films.

Rafe (2007:para. six) argues that police commit a lot of time investigating accidents brought on by reckless teenagers, which could have been more productive if such time was utilized in solving other crucial issues affecting the citizens of the united states. Irrespective of the argument of the critics of that the higher rate of accident among the young age driver is caused by inexperience amongst the young driver there is evidence of lack of duty and recklessness among the minor drivers as that price exceeds any other social group. The latter (Alex, 2006) argues that rising the driving age would enhance the quantity inexperienced drivers who have attained the majority age hence will not have solved the issue. Nevertheless, such arguments have to be more info preceded by the truth that Responsibility increases with age, hence rising of driving age to majority may pose as a remedy to the increasing risk of minors dying, getting injures, killing or injuring others in road accidents an issues that savage (2004:para 8 ) attributes to inexperience, immaturity and recklessness on the roads.